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Our team of psychiatric medical professionals are ready to help you with medication management for mental health.

Medications play a key role in the reduction of symptoms and promotion of the well-being of one's mental health. It is important to have a management system in place to reduce or eliminate adverse side effects for an improved experience and quality of life.

LiveWell's medical team of psychiatrists and psychiatric nurse practitioners provide meaningful care by assessing, educating, prescribing, and regulating psychotropic medications. Frequently paired with therapy, our medical and mental health providers work together to coordinate holistic treatment plans and client care.

Medication Consultations

The LiveWell medical team offers comprehensive consultations to determine the benefits of psychotropic medications for your mental health.

Medication Prescriptions

Through thorough assessment measures, our experienced team of providers are fully equipped to prescribe mental health medications.

Medication Management

Monitoring effectiveness is key to experiencing the full benefits of mental health medications. Our team provides medication management services to ensure proper medication frequency and dosage are aligned to relieve symptoms and promote health.


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