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Kari Cummons

MA, Doctoral Student Intern

Kari graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Criminology from the University of South Carolina before obtaining a Master’s degree in forensic psychology and clinical psychology from the University of North Dakota and the Florida Institute of Technology. She is currently pursuing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in psychological assessment. Kari has worked with clients ranging from young adolescents to senior citizens from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnicities, mental health diagnoses, medical conditions, and armed service members.

Her passion lies in using cognitive, academic, and personality (objective and projective) psychological assessments to empower clients and aid in treatment decisions. Kari has conducted clinical assessments related to autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning disorders, anger management, neuropsychological concerns, and forensic-related issues. Kari has conducted individual, group, and intensive outpatient therapy. Within a therapy setting, she employs techniques from cognitive behavioral, acceptance- commitment interpersonal, and dialectal behavioral therapy and utilizes an integrative approach to treatment. She is currently certified as a NAMA anger management and domestic violence specialist.